One of the major challenges of property in Nigeria for companies is the process of acquisition of land for development of industries and factories. Often times these land transactions becomes subject of litigation. The firm is very much conscious of this fact and provides specialized services to a variety of clients, both locals and foreigners with respect to real estate and property law. We combine the land planning, development, transactional, finance and environmental functions giving our attorneys opportunities to represent a wide range of clients from a development, investment or lending perspective.

The firm’s real estate are diverse in size  and nature, and include companies active in residential, commercial and industrial real estate development, real estate syndicators and large corporate users of estate.  The firm also represents general contractors and engineering firms involved in the construction of bridges, roads, and other public works projects. A number of clients are equity or institutional investors active in the acquisition, development and sale of real property particularly in Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. The real estate practice includes land and building acquisitions; development, construction and marketing of property; governmental and environmental compliance; leasing, sale, exchange and other disposition of property; and day-today real estate operations.

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